Eusebius McKaiser

Eusebius McKaiser is a political and social analyst at the Wits Centre for Ethics. He is also a top international debate coach, MC and public speaker, having been both former National South African Debate Champion and the 2011 World Masters Debate Champion.

He has coached school learners, tertiary students and corporate executives how to communicate effectively, think analytically and improve their speech craft, in South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Eusebius also has extensive broadcast experience. He hosts a weekly politics and morality talk show on Talk Radio 702, and presented Interface on SABC3.

Eusebius regularly briefs corporate clients, including investment houses, on political risk assessments about the SA political environment in order to inform operational and strategic business decision-making. His political insight, combined with his experience as a strategy consultant for McKinsey and Company (where he was an associate) positions him to add value to his clients.

He is also available as a keynote speaker on issues of political and ethical concern.

Eusebius studied law and philosophy at Rhodes University and Oxford University. He also lectures in ethics, logic and argumentation.

He is a weekly contributor to the New York Times. His political analysis and social comment have appeared widely in the print media.

What makes Eusebius unique: he has real skill, he adds value – he has business exposure including international experience, he has a Masters Degree with Distinction and he’s a World Champion in debating and public speaking.

Eusebius’s Top Prime Talents:

  • Political Analysis & Political Consultant: Political risk analysis & the political environment, Policy debates, presentations to corporate clients.
  • Public speaking & Keynote speaking (and Q&A sessions): Politics & Social issues (including Race & diversity, Integration, Affirmative Action, Sexuality)
  • MC & Facilitator:
  • Workshops: on Critical thinking and Public speaking